“Proud pigheadedness”

“Proud pigheadedness”

With Friends Like These - June 2, 2017 - 1:01:22

W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell), of CNN’s United Shades of America, joins to help a listener puzzle through how (and if) to have a relationship with her Trump-supporting parents. As he put it: Do they deserve the privilege of her children’s company? Also: What Kamau’s TV show has taught him about a post-election America, and a primer on the *good* kind of white pride. Kamau’s new book! The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell: Tales of a 6' 4", African American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left-Leaning, Asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, Mama's Boy, Dad, and Stand-Up Comedian https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZXZK2F/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 He is on tour! http://www.wkamaubell.com/calendar/ Our sponsors: - Parachute sheets (they’re awesome): ParachuteHome.com/FRIENDS for free shipping and returns - Third Love bras and underwear (very comfy): ThirdLove.com/FRIENDS to try one of their bras for free for 30 days - Thred Up (consumerism but not): ThredUp.com/FRIENDS for an extra 40 percent off your order Got a question or comment? @crooked_friends if it’s 140 characters or less, withfriendslikepod@gmail.com if it’s not. Got an experience or problem to share relating to politics and relationships? Let us know if you want us to try to address it on the show. The theme song is by Ross Flournoy (@ApexManor) and we know that it sounds like the 90s. That’s exactly what we asked for.

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Is the path to hell really paved with Good Intentions? In “With Friends Like These: Good Intentions”, host Ana Marie Cox will introduce people and organizations who set out to make positive change, as well as the ones who ended up doing more harm than good. What’s the brain science behind warm fuzzy feelings? How does altruism change the way we feel about the world? And could trying too hard somehow get us killed? (Spoiler alert: yes.)From social enterprise to social media, our intention is to find the good - and figure out how it goes bad.

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