"Dive Into the Deep End: Kiese Laymon on His New Book"

"Dive Into the Deep End: Kiese Laymon on His New Book"

"Dive Into the Deep End: Kiese Laymon on His New Book"

With Friends Like These - November 30, 2018 - 1:09:14

CW: Addiction, Eating Disorders, and Suicide. If you are struggling with any of these issues, please click the link in the content warning. You are loved and there is help available. This week Kiese Laymon (@KieseLaymon) joined Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox ) to have a meaningful and intimate conversation about his new book, Heavy: An American Memoir. They talked about what it’s like deal with other people’s difficult stories, as well as how they cope with their own. Afterwards, they connected the concept of the body to struggles that we face internally with our own issues and externally with political and social issues. They ended with the idea, that despite the heavy things we face, we have the ability to learn to love ourselves and others. Thanks the our sponsors! Ritual Essential for Women fills the gaps in a woman’s diet, all with a fresh minty flavor, and no fishy aftertaste. Whether you’re living life—or creating it—why not add some good looking science into your daily routine? Visit ritual.com/FRIENDS to start your ritual today. Framebridge makes it ridiculously easy and affordable to custom frame your favorite things, from art prints and posters to the photos on your phone. Here’s how it works: Just go to Framebridge.com and upload your photo. Or, they’ll send you packaging to safely mail in your physical pieces. Use promo code FRIENDS you’ll save an additional 15% off your first order. Brooklinen works directly with manufacturers and directly with customers, no middlemen – meaning they can give you 5-star hotel quality sheets that are affordable and easy to order. Get $20 off AND free shipping when you use promo code friends at Brooklinen.com. Stamps.com brings all the services of the U.S. Post Office right to your desktop. enjoy the Stamps.com service with a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS postage AND a digital scale without long-term commitments. Go to Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in FRIENDS

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