“Health Care Is a Civil Right” with Anita Cameron and Vann Newkirk

“Health Care Is a Civil Right” with Anita Cameron and Vann Newkirk

“Health Care Is a Civil Right” with Anita Cameron and Vann Newkirk

With Friends Like These - July 14, 2017 - 48:37

We talk to ADAPT activist Anita Cameron (@adaptanita) [2:53] about the history of the disability rights movement and its recent success raising awareness about what TrumpCare would do to Medicaid. (She also has a few pointers for reporters covering the protests on how to not infantilize the activists.) Vann Newark (@fivefifths) [23:40] joins to talk about the intersection of health policy and civil rights, both philosophically and historically. Easter egg [46:15]: A mini-op-ed on how to correctly insult Donald Trump, Jr. You can reach the show via Twitter at @crooked_friends or email: withfriendslikepod@gmail.com Our fabulous sponsors: 23 and Me: Through August 3, enter to win a “genetic adventure” to explore the heritage revealed by 23 and Me’s analysis of your DNA. Visit 23andme.com for details. Harry’s: A great shave at a fair price. Get a free trial, including a razor, ergonomic razor handle, shave gel and travel cover, by going to Harrys.com/FRIENDS ZipRecruiter: Reach the best candidates and post your job for FREE by visiting ZipRecruiter.com/FRIENDS Blue Apron: A better way to cook, as you may have heard. Get your first three meals for free by going to BlueApron.com/FRIENDSLIKE

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