“Teacher, Explainer, Soldier, Spy: Doing Solidarity Work with Nausheena Hussain and Beth Gendler.”

“Teacher, Explainer, Soldier, Spy: Doing Solidarity Work with Nausheena Hussain and Beth Gendler.”

“Teacher, Explainer, Soldier, Spy: Doing Solidarity Work with Nausheena Hussain and Beth Gendler.”

With Friends Like These - March 29, 2019 - 1:03:56

This week Nausheena Hussain (@nausheena) and Beth Gendler (@bethgendler) join host Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to remind us that asking invasive questions requires a strong relationship, and that the internet is free! Nausheena and Beth talk about how their relationship formed over a common interest in stopping gun violence, and grew into a solidarity movement known as Muslim-Jewish Women on Minnesota. Afterwards they explore how White privilege affects not just their friendship, but the way that they show up for each other and how a typical meeting looks. Finally, they talk about changing minds, and when it’s time to call out, versus when it’s time to call in. Nausheena and Beth tell us that changing minds and building coalitions may seem daunting, but when in doubt, start by sharing a meal. Want to learn more about Nausheena’s work with RISE and Beth’s work with NCJW? Follow this link: https://schedule.sxsw.com/2019/events/PP82441 Follow this link to learn more about when to call in and when to call out: https://crooked.com/podcast/life-during-wartime-language-talking-with-a-former-white-nationalist-turned-sjw/ Thanks to our sponsors! Today we are sponsored by European Wax Center’s Ax The Pink Tax campaign. The Pink Tax is the extra amount of money women are charged every year for basic goods and services. And it adds up...to $1,351 every year. Yeah, for real. See for yourself at AxThePinkTax.com Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that finds and delivers clothes, shoes, and accessories to fit your body, budget, and lifestyle. Stitch Fix’s styling fee is only $20—which is applied toward anything you keep from your shipment! Get started NOW at StitchFix.com/FRIENDS and you'll get an extra 25% off when you keep all items in your box! Rothy’s are the everyday flats for life on the go. They’re stylish and versatile, and they go with everything from yoga pants to dresses and skirts. Once you try shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and sustainable, you’re never going to wear anything else. Head to rothys.com and get free shipping with code wflt. ThirdLove uses data points generated by millions of women who have taken their Fit Finder quiz, to design bras with breast size and shape in mind for a perfect fit and premium feel. Go to THIRDLOVE.com/FRIENDS now to find your perfect-fitting bra… and get 15% off your first purchase!

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