Who? Weekly

Garcelle Beauvais, Maura Tierney & Dr. Monica L. Monica?

Garcelle Beauvais, Maura Tierney & Dr. Monica L. Monica?

Who? Weekly - September 6, 2019 - 54:23

Today's EXTREMELY HIGH ENERGY Who's There will hopefully make up for Tuesday's EXTREMELY SUBPAR ENERGY episode (blame getting up early on Labor Day weekend) and we have you to thank for it. It's a wonderfully wild collection of calls, from warnings about the dangers of champagne corks to desperate pleas from Pittsburgh residents to respect Rooney Mara's family. There's a call about how Eva Longoria's obsession with hyaluronic spans language barriers, a call about how Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finally hired its first black cast member, and -- perhaps most importantly -- a call about Maura Tierney that really takes us on a journey through iconic actresses with extreme needs a cigarette energy.As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message for us and we might play it on a future episode!You're all the best. We mean it.

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