Who? Weekly

Jacki Weaver (vs. Anjelica Huston) & Lara Bingle Worthington?

Jacki Weaver (vs. Anjelica Huston) & Lara Bingle Worthington?

Who? Weekly - May 7, 2019 - 59:24

Yes, we're recording this episode mere hours before the start of the Met Ball. Do we know Rihanna isn't going? Yes. But will Rita step up and take her place as Met Ball Queen? Uh, yeah, sure! This year's theme, "Camp", however, goes perrrfectly with our topics today: Pete Doherty's hedgehog bite? Camp! Lori's not-so-graceful exit from When Calls The Heart? Camp! Megan Barton Hanson kidnaps and then loses another hamster? Camp! Jon Gosselin DJs a Chili's Cinco de Mayo? CAMP!!! Lara Bingle (Worthington)'s linen #spon? Camp! Jacki Weaver claps back at Anjelica Huson? You better believe that's camp. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.

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