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Daryl McCormack, Luke MacFarlane & Nia Vardalos?

Daryl McCormack, Luke MacFarlane & Nia Vardalos?

Who? Weekly - June 24, 2022 - 1:03:37

On today's episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we talk about Shawn Mendes's latest project (which somehow involves Constance Wu and the Dear Evan Hanson boys) before playing your calls about Ice Cube and James Gandolfini's sons, Diane Warren's honorary Oscar, the co-star of Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, the co-star of Bros, whether or not millennials (and up) should know who Bazzi is, Three In Greece, and various Tonys, Tonis, and Tonés. Call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments & concerns, and we may play your call on a future episode. Support us and get a ton of bonus content over on Patreon.com/WhoWeekly.

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Be like Jodie Sweetin and do what's right! Fuck SCOTUS! Support local abortion funds today.

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