Who? Weekly

Niomi Smart, Elsa Majimbo & Benjamin Millepied?

Niomi Smart, Elsa Majimbo & Benjamin Millepied?

Who? Weekly - February 18, 2022 - 1:10:34

On today’s Who’s There, our weekly call-in show, we begin with several voicemails about the BREAKING NEWS that Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have split and discuss what may or may not have led to their decision to end that cursed engagement. Moving on, we play comments about Reacher, Lindsey Producer, and Taylor Lautner before heading into some new stories about a British influencer’s harrowing experience in the Mauritius jungle, a TikToker’s journey from front-facing video to high fashion comedy icon, the “new Judy Greer,” Benjamin Millepied’s Who/Them status, the three 2022 Oscar hosts, and more!Call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments & concerns, and we may play your call on a future episode. Support us and get a ton of bonus content over on Patreon.com/WhoWeekly.

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It's a brand new episode of Who? and WHO is your Oscars(fanfavorite.com)? The 'World's Hottest Grandma' (...OK but, from Australia) wins...

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