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Who's There: Jordan "Dr. Phil's Son" McGraw & #FreeBritney?

Who's There: Jordan "Dr. Phil's Son" McGraw & #FreeBritney?

Who? Weekly - April 26, 2019 - 51:40

Happy Friday everyone! Happy ME! Day, too! (I am writing this hours before Taylor Swift's new song/video drops, so I have no idea what we think of the song yet, but I can assume we think enough for it to be a big deal.) But that's too Themmy, so let's move on to the Whos. On this week's episode of Who's There, we take a call from a dentist about Shay Mitchell's tooth, a call from a very smart Roman history expert on Simon Cowell's ghost, a call from a friend about celebrity divorce attorneys, a call from a Broad City fan about Abbi and Ilana, a call from a The Wife stan about Glenn Close's Notre Dame tribute, a call from a concerned Britney Spears fan about #FreeBritney, and a call from... uh... Dr. Phil(?) about Dr. Phil's aspiring pop star son, Jordan McGraw. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.

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