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Says Who? 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates (ft. Clare Malone & Clio Chang)

Says Who? 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates (ft. Clare Malone & Clio Chang)

Who? Weekly - July 26, 2019 - 48:27

On today's episode, we're trying something new that we've decided to call Says Who?We can't be experts in every field of Whos, and that's where Says Who? comes in. In these episodes, we will invite various experts on the show to explain the Whos of their given field. This week, that Whoniverse is... politics. Yeah, yeah, we said we don't like talking about politics on this show, but with a list of Democratic Presidential Candidates as ridiculous as the ones we have this year, how could we resist? So we were honored to have Clare Malone, Senior Political Reporter at FiveThirtyEight and host of the 538 Politics podcast, and Clio Chang, writer and politics contributor at Jezebel, on to tell us alllllll about the Whoiest Democratic hopefuls.As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, concerns, and comments. But also, let us know the categories you'd like us to invite experts to discuss in a future episode of Says Who!

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