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Katie Cherry, Chanel West Coast & Deelishis?

Katie Cherry, Chanel West Coast & Deelishis?

Who? Weekly - November 12, 2019 - 59:12

We're everywhere today—lucky you! First, Ben Affleck's new girlfriend Katie Cherry, who is she? (Is she really best friends with Tara Reid? Does she really have beauty and brains?) Will they stay together forever or split—like Finn Wolfhart's band, Calpurnia (R.I.P.) or Reba and her geologist boyfriend, Skeeter, OR (allegedly) Nina Dobrev and her now(maybe)-ex Grant Mellon? Why is Sharon Stone suing Chanel West Coast neé Dudley? Who is Flavor of Love alum's Deelishis' new boyfriend? And finally, a full breakdown of Daily Mail's coverage of Amal Clooney's almost-fall on cobblestone... and her sister's actual-fall on cobblestone, just a few years earlier! Is it one of the best Daily Mails we've ever seen? Tune in to find out.

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