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Chantel Jeffries, Eve Jobs & 'The Christmas Aunt'

Chantel Jeffries, Eve Jobs & 'The Christmas Aunt'

Who? Weekly - December 15, 2020 - 1:09:14

THREE games in just ONE podcast??? You can thank today's super-sized episode on the holiday season, because we've got our annual Hallmark/Lifetime/etc. movie rundown in the form of two iconic games, plus Who? News about Chantel Jeffries (who is dating a Chainsmoker? No, not the hot one), a new model who happens to be Steve Jobs' daughter — and her name is EVE, the messy (literally) break up of Meghan King and Jim Edmonds and Eminem's influencer daughter, Hailie (not Hallie) Jade.Don't forget: You can call us at 619-WHO-THEM, and/or subscribe to our Patreon here for a ton of bonus content including episodes, movie commentaries and a VIP hotline.

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