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Who's There: The Gay Ghost Haunting Simon Cowell & David Adefeso?

Who's There: The Gay Ghost Haunting Simon Cowell & David Adefeso?

Who? Weekly - April 19, 2019 - 41:53

We're trying this thing where we provide GRABBIER episode titles for you all and, uh, I think this is our best yet! I mean, would you rather listen to "Who's There: Antinous & David Adefeso" or "Who's There: The Gay Ghost Haunting Simon Cowell & David Adefeso"? (If you say the former, UNSUBSCRIBE NOW.) (Kidding, never ever ever do that.) Anyway, Simon Cowell's house is probably being haunted by the thotty gay ghost of some hunky Roman named Antinous. What's his unfinished business, you ask? He neeeeeeeeeeeeds to become a gay influencer on Instagram! OooOoOOoOOOOo, is there anything spookier?! Moving on, we've got some corrections per usual, a little chatter about Judaism per usual, gay shit per usual, and a lengthy investigation of Tamar Braxton's new boyfriend who may or may not be solving the student loan crisis. If so, we stan. If not, watch out Tamar!!! As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.

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