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Eurovision 2019: Hatari & John Lundvik?

Eurovision 2019: Hatari & John Lundvik?

Who? Weekly - May 17, 2019 - 49:02

In lieu of Who's There, we're spending the entirety of today's episode talking about the biggest event of the year! OK, fine, the biggest event of the season! OK, fine, the biggest event of the month! OK, fine, the biggest event of the week! OK, fine, the biggest event of the weekend! You happy? Eurovision 2019 is happening RIGHT NOW and the final is THIS WEEKEND, so you'd better catch up and pick a fave by Saturday afternoon. Throughout our music-heavy journey, we gush about our faves (Iceland and Sweden and Greece), our least faves (Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Australia), the hunks (Italy and Azerbaijan), and the vloggers (France). OH! We also talk about the new Nicki Minaj meme because "Roman Holiday" would definitely win if America were A) in Eurovision, and B) allowed to enter seven-year-old songs.Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes.

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