Who? Weekly

Scott Evans, Lewis Hamilton & Naturi Naughton?

Scott Evans, Lewis Hamilton & Naturi Naughton?

Who? Weekly - September 15, 2020 - 1:04:14

"Rachel Lindsay Explains Why She Saged Becca Kufrin's Vagina" — I mean, what else is there to even say? Weirdly, so much more: Why Jennifer Garner, Armie Hammer and Cara Delevingne are "letting loose and getting wild" (said OK! magazine... and us), where Lily Allen and David Harbour tied the knot, when Gossip Cop decided to rule TOTALLY TRUE instead of MOSTLY FALSE, why the Daily Mail wants you to think Lewis Hamilton's new pal looks like his ex, when 3LW will stop "feuding", if Scott Evans' Twitter bio really leads with "Brother", when the SEC charges you (if you are T.I.) $75K for illegal #spon and why Rita Ora is "in a bush". (Sorry, jk, you'll never learn that last one.)619-WHO-THEM is our number, and you can subscribe to our Patreon here for a ton of bonus content including episodes, movie commentaries and a VIP hotline. #thatsgossip

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