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Alana Mayo, Diane Warren & the #DollyPartonChallenge?

Alana Mayo, Diane Warren & the #DollyPartonChallenge?

Who? Weekly - January 28, 2020 - 49:23

Though This Is Not a Grammys Podcast™, we spend the opening of today's episode chatting about Music's Big Night. Or was it just big for Billie Eyelash, Bebe Rexha, Shania Twain, and the mall where Lana Del Rey bought her dress? Unclear. Next, we chat about the #DollyPartonChallenge (what was Natalie Portman thinking?) and Lena Waithe's extremely interesting surprise wedding slash surprise divorce, and what that means in a post-Michelle Williams/WhatsHisName world. And, after explaining Julianne Hough's exorcism (and friendship with "Dr." John Amaral), we take a quick listen to the Chrissy Metz song that might win Diane Warren her first Oscar ever. And then there's Rita and a new friend: SputnikNews.com.Call us with your comments, concerts and questions and maybe you'll hear yourself on this week's Who's There?: 619-WHO-THEM.

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