The Defense of Tim Donaghy

The Defense of Tim Donaghy

The Defense of Tim Donaghy

Whistleblower - September 24, 2020 - 45:07

Tim and the team head up I-95 to New York for a meeting with John Lauro, Donaghy’s defense attorney, and to track down the illusive FBI agents who handled Donaghy's investigation. We learn that someone from high up may have been pulling the strings to undermine the investigation, even going as far to leak the story to the NY Post.

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In 2007, NBA referee Tim Donaghy was arrested for betting on games he officiated. It was the biggest scandal in American sports history, but it quickly faded from the headlines. Why? Because everyone in this scandal has something to hide. This isn't a story about basketball - it's a story about money, and a conspiracy that spans far beyond one referee. Sports journalist Tim Livingston takes you inside his eight-year odyssey to find the truth at the heart of the scandal. This is Whistleblower.