Ep 1: Agents of Influence

Ep 1: Agents of Influence

Ep 1: Agents of Influence

Whirlwind: America, Russia & Ukraine - September 23, 2020 - 51:21

In the series premiere of Whirlwind, host Tim Weiner tells the story of Samuel Dickstein, an American Congressman who turned out to be working for the enemy as an “agent of influence.” Joined by guests Alexander Vassiliev, a former KGB officer turned journalist; Leon Panetta, former CIA director; Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, former CIA intelligence officer; and journalist Catherine Belton, Tim explores the possibility that there’s an “agent of influence” in the White House today. In partnership with Cadence13, Jigsaw Productions and a production of Prologue Projects.

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Written and narrated by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tim Weiner and created by the Peabody-nominated studio C13Originals, Whirlwind: America, Russia & Ukraine examines the ongoing war in Ukraine -- the worst war in Europe since WWII -- in interviews with decorated, high-ranking CIA veterans who have led the American intelligence war with Russia for decades. These experts explain how Putin laid the groundwork for attacking Ukraine using deception and disinformation, how Russian disinformation has been amplified by American media figures and politicians, and how American political warfare can undermine Putin and the Kremlin.