What A Day

No Sleep Til Votes In

No Sleep Til Votes In

What A Day - November 3, 2020 - 22:08

After four long hard years, we’ve made it to election day… now we just need to make it through the next 24, to 48, to 100-plus hours. We discuss when the results will come in and what we’ll be watching out for. Plus, a look at some key Senate races in states that could flip. And in headlines: battleground states were hit hardest with misinformation, voter preferences by first name, and a whale statue saves a train.Show Notes:If you run into any issues voting or witness voter suppression or intimidation, call the voter protection hotline: 1-833-DEM-VOTE — 1-833-336-8683Make a plan to vote: votesaveamerica.com/planSign up to volunteer: votesaveamerica.com/volunteerListen to Akilah's Spotify playlist "Chill Times Bro" https://open.spotify.com/playlist/69Sif17z5Lec1TTDudahnz?si=lET8v3wxRKKtkKmOGK-6Iw

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