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Here Comes The Sunrise Movement

Here Comes The Sunrise Movement

What A Day - September 8, 2020 - 20:10

College students have returned to campuses, and so has coronavirus. Northeastern University suspended 11 students for partying, and will not refund them tens of thousands of dollars in tuition payments. At University of Kansas, students are striking and demanding that the university shut down the campus and give hazard pay to workers. Extreme weather over the past few weeks has underscored the need for an extensive environmental policy overhaul, the kind that is championed by Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. We look at how Markey worked with the Sunrise Movement to court young people in his primary race last week. Plus, we speak with Sunrise’s political director Evan Weber about lessons that Biden and other Democrats can learn from their movement.And in headlines: protesters in Rochester demand justice for Daniel Prude, India now second in Covid cases, and Trump courts the racist White vote over the weekend.

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