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Two Months Of Protest In Myanmar

Two Months Of Protest In Myanmar

What A Day - April 9, 2021 - 25:29

It's been over two months since the military first seized control of Myanmar. The coup was met with a massive protest movement in the streets, in workplaces, and on the internet. As a response, the military has become increasingly violent in its crackdown, killing over 500 people and jailing thousands more.We spoke to Aye Min Thant, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has been reporting on the coup since February about the country's past, present, and future. And in headlines: An executive order on "ghost guns," relief money for undocumented essential workers in New York state, and conflict at Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant.Show Notes:Journalist Aye Min Thant – https://twitter.com/the_ayeminthantFor a transcript of this episode, please visit crooked.com/whataday.

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