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Performance Enhancing Debates

Performance Enhancing Debates

What A Day - September 29, 2020 - 19:14

Tonight is the first of three debates between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Trump. The debate will cover six major topics, which include the economy, the pandemic, and the integrity of the election, but notably, not the environment. We discuss what else to expect and how this debate could affect the election. Reports have revealed a strategy that the Trump campaigned allegedly used in 2016 to suppress Black voters by convincing them not to vote. The campaign sorted 3.5 million Black Americans into a category labelled “deterrence,” then targeted them with Facebook videos meant to cause cynicism and disaffection. And in headlines: the global coronavirus death toll passes 1 million, Uber wins back its license to operate in London, and a small village in Romania re-elects their deceased mayor.Show Links:"Revealed: Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016"https://www.channel4.com/news/revealed-trump-campaign-strategy-to-deter-millions-of-black-americans-from-voting-in-2016

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