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Stonk If You Love AMC

Stonk If You Love AMC

What A Day - June 4, 2021 - 17:47

President Biden had hoped to have 70 percent of adults in the U.S. vaccinated with at least one shot by Independence Day, and we’re close to hitting that goal. Biden also elaborated on his plan to share 80 million vaccine doses by the end of the month, with the first batch of doses headed for South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. This was another banner week in the world of meme stocks, or stocks that have surged in value thanks to attention from retail investors on the Internet. We walk through what went on with AMC, and how the company is responding.Plus, we’re joined by comedian and actress Aparna Nancherla for headlines: Donald Jr. is on Cameo, two kids drive a car to see dolphins, and fifteen elephants are on a mysterious journey in China.Show Notes:NYT: "See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State" – https://nyti.ms/2TK5k0dFor a transcript of this episode, please visit crooked.com/whataday.

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