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OK Google, What's A Monopoly

OK Google, What's A Monopoly

What A Day - October 21, 2020 - 19:00

The Justice Department filed a major lawsuit against Google saying that the company is illegally trying to maintain its search dominance using anti-competitive practices. We look at what's the behind the case and what it could mean for Google.Trial volunteers in London will be deliberately infected with COVID-19 to aid in vaccine research starting in January, if a plan by researchers gets approval from regulators. In the US, the governors of California and New York are pledging review any FDA-approved vaccine before disseminating it to the public in their states.And in headlines: a grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case speaks out, Ireland reimposes shutdown, and Phil Collins’ house is occupied by his ex-wife and armed guards.Show Links:"Why the US government is suing Google"https://www.vox.com/recode/21524710/google-antitrust-lawsuit-doj-search-trump-bill-barr

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