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Protesting 1, 2, 3

Protesting 1, 2, 3

What A Day - June 1, 2020 - 20:58

Protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd continued throughout the weekend. There were demonstrations in over 75 American cities, leading local officials to activate the National Guard in at least 11 states, and impose curfews. At one point, Trump hid underground. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for his role in George Floyd's killing, but three other officers who stood by have not been charged. And in headlines: Trump says the US will stop working with the WHO, the CDC releases guidelines for how to reopen offices, and Chrissy Teigen demonstrates the ‘spite donation.’Where to Donate:Minnesota Freedom Fund: minnesotafreedomfund.org/donateBrooklyn Bail Fund: brooklynbailfund.org/donateReclaim the block: reclaimtheblock.orgBlack Visions Collective: blackvisionsmn.orgMass Defense Program: nlg.org/donate/massdefense

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