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Biden Rising

Biden Rising

What A Day - November 6, 2020 - 22:40

A significant number of ballots were counted yesterday in states where races have been too close to call, leading to gains for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia. At this point, Trump would need everything to break his way to win the election—and that doesn’t seem likely. Biden’s campaign continued to project confidence yesterday, while Trump did a press conference where he tried out every anti-Democratic lie he could think of. Looking at the Senate races: the Ossoff/Perdue race in Georgia got even tighter yesterday, meaning there will be a runoff election in January. This will take place alongside the Warnock/Loeffler runoff, and could allow the Democrats to tie up the Senate. And in headlines: rising tensions in Ethiopia lead to fears of civil war, Jared Kushner’s apartment company tries to evict hundreds during the pandemic, and another new lava planet we can move to.Show Links:votesaveamerica.com/protect

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