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There's Something About Fauci

There's Something About Fauci

What A Day - July 14, 2020 - 17:28

California is re-closing many of its businesses as cases continue to rise. LA County and San Diego County schools have agreed to cancel in-person learning this fall in favor of going back online. White House advisors to the president have been criticizing NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci in recent days. It definitely seems like retaliation for Fauci’s refusal to back down in the face of Trump’s bad pandemic policies. And in headlines: a judge orders federal executions delayed, AMC finds a way to stay solvent, and Australians caught KFC-handed in Melbourne.Check out America Dissected to hear Dr. Abdul El-Sayed's complete interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci: crooked.com/americadissected

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