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Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage

Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage

What A Day - February 26, 2021 - 25:03

The House is expected to pass its COVID relief bill as soon as today, but there's still a question of what happens when the bill gets to the Senate. Yesterday the Senate parliamentarian said the minimum wage increase couldn’t pass via the budget process. We explain the ruling, the reaction and where things could go from here. With Black History Month almost over, we spoke to Black history educators from across the country about what it means to them in 2021 and who they are celebrating this year. And in headlines, we're joined by special guest Nicole Byer: Lady Gaga's friend shot and dogs stolen, a man implicates himself at the Capitol riots by texting his ex, and Trump's tax records are in the hands of Manhattan prosecutors.Show Links:"2020 and the Recognition of HBCU Power"https://crooked.com/articles/2020-hbcu/"The Overlooked Role of Black Greek Organizations"https://crooked.com/articles/black-greek-organizations-harris/Journalist Farai Chideya on building a media that’s more representative and better connected to all communities (Pod Save America)https://crooked.com/podcast/party-of-q/Activist Alicia Garza on organizing for change under Biden (Lovett Or Leave It)https://crooked.com/podcast/teds-excellent-adventure/Journalist and host of the Black Diplomats podcast Terrell Jermaine Starr on how domestic activism fits into American foreign policy (Pod Save The World)https://crooked.com/podcast/the-coup-in-myanmar-explained/Comedian and commentator Baratunde Thurston on how Black and White America moves forward post Trump (Keep It)https://crooked.com/podcast/free-against-the-music-with-baratunde-thurston/OB/GYN and women’s health advocate Dr. Heather Irobunda on racism in medicine and how she’s using Tik Tok to “empower vagina owners"https://crooked.com/podcast/whats-up-doc-with-dr-heather-irobunda/For a transcript of this episode, please visit crooked.com/whataday.

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