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Airborne In The USA With Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

Airborne In The USA With Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

What A Day - November 18, 2020 - 23:54

The US is in an extremely dangerous period of the pandemic, with cases and hospitalizations at record highs, holidays fast approaching, and little in the way of a federal response. Our guest host for today —epidemiologist and former Detroit health commissioner Dr. Abdul El-Sayed — answers our questions about the current state of affairs, vaccine updates, Thanksgiving, and what gives him hope about a Biden administration. And in headlines: Hurricane Iota update in Central America, Apple faces privacy lawsuit in Europe, and Dolly helped get us the Moderna vaccine.Show Links:Listen to America Dissected crooked.com/americadissectedShop the Crooked Store store.crooked.com

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