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The Baghdad Phantom, AlienCon, And The UFO Silver Bullet

The Baghdad Phantom, AlienCon, And The UFO Silver Bullet

WEAPONIZED with Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp - March 14, 2023 - 1:04:57

Jeremy and George break down reactions to their release of images of a mysterious object dubbed The Baghdad Phantom. Analysts from the U.S. Air Force deemed it to be a genuine UAP. Assorted "twitfologists" tried but failed to debunk the Phantom. The duo also discussed dynamic new statements from two men who previously worked as the Dept. of Defense's top UFO hunters. Jay Stratton and Travis Taylor told attendees at the recent AlienCon event in Pasadena further details about their investigation into the 2019 West Coast UFO swarm events. And Jeremy revisted his challenge to specific members of Congress about why they should question a particular military General regarding "the UFO Silver Bullet", a reference to alleged reverse engineering of alien spacecraft.GOT A TIP?Reach out to us at WeaponizedPodcast@Proton.meFor breaking news, follow Corbell & Knapp on all social media.Extras and bonuses from the episode can be found at https://WeaponizedPodcast.com

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