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Mystery In The Mojave - Case Closed?

Mystery In The Mojave - Case Closed?

WEAPONIZED with Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp - May 30, 2023 - 59:19

In April 2021, dozens of US Marines stationed at the sprawling Twentynine Palms base in the Mojave desert witnessed what they describe as an unusual array of lights in the night sky. These Marines, many of whom work directly with flares and other ordnance, were at the base for an extended two month training exercise. Several of them said they saw the outline of a "craft" behind the lights and, in their opinion, the lights in the sky did not resemble any of the flares that are routinely used in training exercises or that they are familiar with. Last week, in an effort to generate additional information, WEAPONIZED unveiled several videos recorded by the eyewitnesses, along with low light photos which appear to show the outline of a triangular object. The episode set off a wave of UFO coverage by major news media, inquiries from congressional staffers, and, not surprisingly, significant criticism from online UFO personalities. In this episode, Jeremy and George will share new information and interviews with Marine witnesses who came forward to respond to social media speculations and will explain why this incident remains an open, active investigation.NOTE: Be sure to go to WeaponizedPodcast.com to view the videos and photos described in this episode.GOT A TIP?Reach out to us at WeaponizedPodcast@Proton.meFor breaking news, follow Corbell & Knapp on all social media.Extras and bonuses from the episode can be found at https://WeaponizedPodcast.com

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