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The UFO Hearing - What Happened? What’s Next?

The UFO Hearing - What Happened? What’s Next?

WEAPONIZED with Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp - August 1, 2023 - 1:40:12

A congressional subcommittee heard sworn testimony last week from three impressive witnesses about dramatic, well-documented UFO encounters, classified UFO programs, and world changing evidence of non-human intelligence allegedly hidden from the public. Congress and the rest of the world were blown away by the testimony of distinguished military aviators CDR David Fravor and Lt. Ryan Graves, and by the explosive revelations from high-level (former) intelligence official David Grusch. How did the hearing come together? What happened behind the scenes? And most importantly, what happens next?Joining Jeremy and George for a roundtable discussion are two award-winning journalists and podcast producers Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel. Check out their excellent podcast NEED TO KNOW at https://youtube.com/c/BryceZabel and visit their website at https://NeedToKnow.todayGOT A TIP?Reach out to us at WeaponizedPodcast@Proton.meFor breaking news, follow Corbell & Knapp on all social media.Extras and bonuses from the episode can be found at https://WeaponizedPodcast.com

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