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UFO Swarms - A Military Perspective with guest - John Gutierrez

UFO Swarms - A Military Perspective with guest - John Gutierrez

WEAPONIZED with Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp - January 31, 2023 - 2:12:13

John “Guts” Gutierrez is an active duty Navy Commander having served for 17 years, initially as a helicopter pilot deployed all over the world, and credentialed as an Aviation Safety Officer. He’s a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and has a personal passion for the UAP mystery. In this episode of WEAPONIZED, Jeremy & George talk with John about his life and personal perspective on the current, global UAP mystery. They also talk in-depth about the now famous UFO swarm event series that occurred off the coast of California in 2019. This is a case now widely known due to Jeremy’s & George’s reporting on the events. This dramatic UFO event series included 10 Navy warships that were brazenly swarmed by over 100 Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). For the first time ever - we get to hear what really happened - directly from two military eyewitnesses tasked with responding to the incursions within United States restricted airspace. Your curiosity will be WEAPONIZED!•••WEAPONIZED would like to make clear that John is not speaking in any official capacity. He is not representing the U.S. Navy, the DoD or U.S. Government. All views and opinions expressed throughout the podcast by John [and by the anonymous service members] are strictly his/their own - and in no way represent the official position of the U.S. Navy, DoD or U.S. Government.•••GOT A TIP?Reach out to us at WeaponizedPodcast@Proton.meFor breaking news, follow Corbell & Knapp on all social media.Extras and bonuses from the episode can be found at https://WeaponizedPodcast.com

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