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The End Of UFO Secrecy?

The End Of UFO Secrecy?

WEAPONIZED with Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp - July 4, 2023 - 1:01:04

Elected officials in the U.S. and Canada have embarked on an unprecedented effort to pierce the veil of secrecy that has surrounded the UFO mystery since the end of World War II. Lawmakers in both the House and Senate are hot on the trail of UAP secrets - not merely the military files and restricted documents - but the actual hardware long rumored to exist within classified silos, special access programs, or the hangars of major defense contractors. And in Canada, a longtime Member of Parliament has challenged the defense establishment to embrace UFO transparency and to investigate an alleged multinational program created to reverse-engineer UAP tech. In this episode Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp review the astonishing progress of the past few months and also evaluate the significant barriers that might still prevent anything approaching full disclosure.GOT A TIP?Reach out to us at WeaponizedPodcast@Proton.meFor breaking news, follow Corbell & Knapp on all social media.Extras and bonuses from the episode can be found at https://WeaponizedPodcast.com

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