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73. Pet Love: Are Animals the Closest We Come to Unconditional Love?

73. Pet Love: Are Animals the Closest We Come to Unconditional Love?

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle - February 24, 2022 - 58:59

1. Amanda shares the story of Séamus, the newest addition to her family–and how he has ruined her “religion” of the spreadsheet. 2. Why Glennon says that Honey and Hattie are the only “people” who truly understand her–and what each of them teach her about love.3. The ways we hilariously project emotions onto our pets–and how Abby has fallen for Tish’s pet hamster, Biscuit.

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I’m Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed, the book that was released at the very start of the pandemic and became a lifeline for millions. I watched in awe from my home while this simple phrase from Untamed – WE CAN DO HARD THINGS – the mantra that saved my life twenty years ago, became a worldwide rally cry.Life is freaking hard. We are all doing hard things every day – we love and lose; we forge and end friendships; battle addiction, illness, and loneliness; care for children and parents; struggle in our jobs, our marriages, our divorces; we try to set and hold boundaries – and we fight for equality, purpose, joy, and peace right in the midst of all the hard.On We Can Do Hard Things, my wife Abby Wambach, my sister Amanda Doyle, and I do the only thing that has ever made life easier: We talk honestly about the hard. We laugh and cry and help each other carry the hard so we can all live a little bit lighter and braver, free-er, less alone.