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How People are Using Psychedelics to Help Their Relationships with Dr. Hillary McBride

How People are Using Psychedelics to Help Their Relationships with Dr. Hillary McBride

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle - September 13, 2023 - 17:21

Dr. Hillary McBride is back to continue our thrilling conversation about PSYCHEDELICS — and how folks are using them to enhance their relationships and lives. She helps us understand: The importance of seeing our partners – and letting ourselves be seen – without any defenses; How combining therapy with psychedelics is helping people stay close to their feelings; Why the first step toward healing is feeling safe in your body; and An important question for us all: Why is being here so hard? For Part One of our conversation on Psychedelics, check our Ep 240 Are Psychedelics an Answer? with Dr. Hillary McBride. And for our Embodiment conversation with Dr. McBride, check out: Ep 206: How to Follow the Wisdom of Your Body with Dr. Hillary McBride.About Dr. McBride: Dr. Hillary McBride is a Registered Psychologist, researcher, podcaster, author, and speaker, but she identifies most with being a mother. She has lived experience and clinical expertise in the areas of trauma, embodiment, eating disorders, and the intersection of spirituality and mental health. Her research has focused on women's relationships with their bodies across the lifespan, and her books include: Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image; Embodiment and Eating Disorders, and the bestseller The Wisdom of Your Body. Her next book – Practices for Embodied Living – will be released in 2024. Her podcast, Other People's Problems, was listed in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as essential listening.TW: @hillarylmcbrideIG: @hillaryliannamcbride

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