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Fix Your Most Important Relationships with the Enneagram: Suzanne Stabile

Fix Your Most Important Relationships with the Enneagram: Suzanne Stabile

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle - July 12, 2023 - 42:09

We all have that one relationship that needs fixing… Today, Suzanne Stabile is back to tell us how we can use the Enneagram to improve our relationships and love our people better. She guides us through: How to stop misjudging and misunderstanding people; How to start respecting your own innate gifts; How to get rid of codependency; and How to get what you are missing – more thinking, feeling, or doing – in your life. If you missed our first episode with Suzanne, check out Episode 226 Enneagram: Why You Are the Way You Are.About Suzanne:Suzanne Stabile is an internationally-recognized Enneagram teacher. She is the co-author of The Road Back to You, and the author of The Path Between Us and The Journey Toward Wholeness.With backgrounds in sociology and theology, Suzanne has served as a high school professor; the first women’s basketball coach at SMU after Title IX; and as the founding Director of Shared Housing, a social service agency in Dallas.Suzanne lives in Dallas with her husband Rev. Joseph Stabile. She is the mother of four children and grandmother of nine.TW: @SuzanneStabileIG: @suzannestabile

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