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167. Tracee Ellis Ross: How to Make Peace in Your Own Head

167. Tracee Ellis Ross: How to Make Peace in Your Own Head

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle - January 10, 2023 - 1:03:21

This moving conversation delving inside the “wonderful, dangerous” mind of Tracee Ellis Ross covers:1. Tracee’s go-to strategies to stop questioning herself, to pick herself up when she feels unlovable, and to tether herself to her truest self. 2. How she made peace with the fact that she’s “not everyone’s cup of tea” – and stopped trying to change the things about her that others don’t like (but she does). 3. Inside Tracee’s 50th birthday party – the honor of being “Fifty and Free,” and what moved her to sing her mother’s song in her mother’s dress.4. Tracee’s recent personal journal entry rejecting the lie that a woman’s purpose is to be “chosen” – and how she creates a beautiful, full life outside the roles of mother and partner. 5. Tracee’s incredible view of friendship: How to be brave enough to become a barnacle in your friends’ lives, and to find your Cauldron people About Tracee:Tracee Ellis Ross is an award-winning actress and producer best known for her roles in ABC’s award-winning comedy series BLACK-ISH and GIRLFRIENDS. For her role as “Rainbow Johnson” in BLACK-ISH, as a comedic leading actress, Ross won the Golden Globe Award in 2017 as well as nine NAACP Image Awards. She was nominated for five Emmys and two Critics Choice Awards. Ross is the CEO and Founder of Pattern, a haircare brand for the curly, coily and tight textured masses. Ross recently executive produced and narrates Hulu’s THE HAIR TALES, a docuseries about Black women, beauty and identity through the distinctive lens of Black hair. Upcoming, Ross will be producing a ten-episode podcast “I Am America,” which aims to break through the noise during this divided time in our country in an effort to create space and to heal. TW: @TraceeEllisRossIG: @traceeellisross

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