Unwritten: Behind Baseball's Secret Rules

Episode 9 - Brawls with Gary Sheffield

Episode 9 - Brawls with Gary Sheffield

Unwritten: Behind Baseball's Secret Rules - July 20, 2022 - 47:53

Ron tells the story of a teammate who was cut for staying in the dugout during a brawl. Jimmy went looking for the middle of a brawl against the Braves when he was stopped dead in his tracks by this week's guest: Gary Sheffield. Gary joins the show and also tells the story of one brawl that went from the field, to the VIP room at a club, to his local bar years later.

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Baseball’s official rulebook is complicated—but its unofficial rulebook is full of drama. On each episode of Unwritten, former players Jimmy Rollins and Ron Darling dive into the history and culture of unwritten rules—sign stealing, bat flipping, jinxing a no-hitter, locker room behavior and more A new podcast from Audacy and Major League Baseball