Unholier Than Thou

Re-entry (with Michael Arceneaux and Aminatou Sow)

Re-entry (with Michael Arceneaux and Aminatou Sow)

Unholier Than Thou - October 22, 2021 - 50:39

Welcome to covid’s Groundhog Day. Every day’s the same and we constantly have six weeks to go before it’s over. But school’s open, traffic is back, and it’s time to start thinking about what the world looks like on the other side. Here to talk to Phill about reentering a very changed and very similar world are writers Michael Arcenaux and Aminatou Sow. They chat about the challenges of creating through disaster, seeing old injustices through new eyes, creating boundaries, and finding god in memes.For a transcript of this show, please visit crooked.com/unholierthanthou.

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Some people came out of the pandemic with a new skill, new spouse, or new lease on life. Others came out with a divorce, a drinking problem, or an identity crisis. No matter how the last year has treated you, journalist Phillip Picardi is back to guide you through the spiritual conundrums that tend to crop up amidst global catastrophe.With the help of friends, strangers, and celebrities, Unholier Than Thou has risen from the dead and is back for season 2: Resurrection. We’re talking recovery, rediscovery, resilience, resolutions, and more. This season of Unholier Than Thou is all about the wisdom of everyday people falling down, getting up, and trying new things as they navigate a newish world. AND Phill will take listeners on the road as he drives from LA to Cambridge as his search for illumination takes him to Divinity School. Because he’s spiritually blonde, honey. So tune in. New episodes of Unholier Than Thou drop every Friday, starting October 8.