The Show No-No's (with Henry Golding)

The Show No-No's (with Henry Golding)

The Show No-No's (with Henry Golding)

Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai - July 27, 2021 - 1:00:00

Peppa the indoctrinator, feral pigs, and diving deep into going back to the movies. Speaking of movies, we have literal movie star and Hot Guy March Madness contestant Henry Golding on the pod! Matt and Henry talk about everything from soccer, to sexual healing, to training for his new movie Snake Eyes. For DBWP, Bari talks about a recent Anti-Racism Daily post about the history of a subject she cares a lot about: National Parks. You can check out the extended Anti-Racism Daily post here to spend some time learning about how the American Parks dispossessed indigenous peoples, and how Australia has set a precedent for giving back that land. Bari's been watching HBO's original limited series The White Lotus, and Matt's still on that Parks and Rec re-watch kick. Follow Matt @MattBellassai, Bari @FinkelBariPie, and the pod on Twitter @UnhappyHourPod and @unhappyhour on Instagram!!

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