Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai

Self Care Despair

Self Care Despair

Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai - June 21, 2022 - 1:02:35

Matt relates to a captive chimpanzee, tragic elephant beefs, and diving deep into how self care is actually a form of torture. For DBWP, we're highlighting WashMasks's latest project, a Heat Stress Drive. They're creating heat stress prevention kits with a goal of serving 500 farmworkers per region (Weantchee, Skagit, and Lower Yakima Valleys). You can donate money or items to their drive through this registry. Follow the team: @MattBellassai, @FinkelBariPie, @UnhappyHourPod (on Twitter,) and @UnhappyHour (on Instagram)

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