Trevor Talks Too Much

Solo Episode: Trevor Talks Social Anxiety & Imposter Syndrome

Solo Episode: Trevor Talks Social Anxiety & Imposter Syndrome

Trevor Talks Too Much - August 9, 2022 - 42:27

Trevor Talks Too Much is back and better than ever! Trevor takes the mic all on his own – with the aid of Jamie – and gets deep into some of the insecurities so many of us can relate to. He talks about his struggle with social anxiety through the years and some things that have helped him, as well as feelings of impostor syndrome and self-worth, especially as we all continue to navigate the world during an on-going pandemic. Plus, he gives a little lesson in what the term "rizz" means.Shop, drop in “TT2MMADEYOULOOK” at checkout, and enjoy 10% off your whole purchase!Get your tickets now for Good Mythical Evening 2022, live this year exclusively on Moment House! Click here to find out more: We’re Still Good, our new party game that laughs in the face of disaster here!:

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