Trevor Talks Too Much

Trevor Gets Called Out ft. Damien from Smosh

Trevor Gets Called Out ft. Damien from Smosh

Trevor Talks Too Much - December 6, 2022 - 57:34

Do you still pay for your gym membership that you don't use? Have you RSVP'd yes to plans you weren't even in town for? What's the weirdest poop story you have on hand? Trevor gets called out for these blunders and more in today's episode by the one and only Damien Haas from Smosh! The two talk about getting over anxieties and work/life balance, the video games they love but may have ruined childhood, and do many voices. MANY voices.Two Mythical pods were nominated for the Inaugural Signal Awards! Make sure to vote for:Best Friends Back, Alright! – "Best Conversation Starter" from Myrtle Beach – "Weird" ends December 22nd at 11:29pm EST!Go to to sign up for a Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card today! Thanks to Chime for supporting the show.Follow Damien on socials everywhere: @damienhaas

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