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Best Of: Moments You May Have Missed

Best Of: Moments You May Have Missed

Trevor Talks Too Much - July 26, 2022 - 26:07

We are bringing you some of the top funniest, unhinged, and crazy moments from Trevor Talks Too Much thus far! If you've missed any episodes or want to re-listen to the ones in this bonus episode, click the links below (in order of appearance on this episode): Sub Urban – Musician Sub Urban shows his zany energy by arm wrestling Trevor, playing a kazoo with his nose, and showing off his vast knowledge of the music space. Brittany Broski – Internet personality sensation Brittany Broski gives her best British accent, talks pop culture, and the laughs never end. MorganDrinksCoffee – Your favorite TikTok barista gives some questionable Star Wars opinions, shares some embarrassing moments on the job, and gives us all a lesson in lattes. Myth – Myth, one of the top gamers in the space, shares his Chipotle collab creation, his favorite games from childhood, and some illegal encounters of the parkour kind. JustAMinx – Just Chatting streamer JustAMinx gets furious at Trevor multiple times, tries not to swear for money, and challenges Trevor to a battle of wits and physicality. Noen Eubanks – TikTok Star Noen Eubanks is weirdly scared of frogs, but has a great explanation as to why. Mythical Chef Josh – Mythical Chef Josh talks the ups and downs of creating food content, what he'd do if he wasn't a celebrity chef, and we see into the friendship that is him and Trevor. Mxmtoon – Indie Musician Mxmtoon talks some unexpected flatulence, playing Among Us versus AOC herself, and reveals some cheating moments in video games. Larray – Internet Personality Larray gives the lowdown on Gen Z slang, how to avoid TikTok burnout, and tries to guess the object in Trevor's pocket. Sigils – Minecraft YouTuber Sigils and Trevor bond over their love of sea shanties, as well as the tribulations of trying to be a content creator in the video game space.

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