Trevor Talks Too Much

Chrish Talks Vine Drama and Gaining Confidence

Chrish Talks Vine Drama and Gaining Confidence

Trevor Talks Too Much - September 27, 2022 - 49:50

Are you confident in yourself? Do you believe you can "fake it 'til you make it?" Does drama fuel you to be better or lead to self-doubt? On today's show, Trevor is joined by Vine star, TikTok-er, and streamer, Chrish (you may have heard him, "Patricia!" once or twice). The two discuss how they've dealt with self-confidence, ways to let go of resentments, and let the haters hate, because you're better than them anyways. Plus, Trevor gets a little amped up about a not so amazing Popeye's incident.Go to Check out to check your voting status, register if you need to, and stay informed for the midterm elections.

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