Trevor Talks Too Much

JustAMinx Gets Furious at Trevor

JustAMinx Gets Furious at Trevor

Trevor Talks Too Much - May 3, 2022 - 58:05

Trevor is joined by streamer JustAMinx and the two get into many heated topics. They discuss the best online streamers, make an episode long bet to get Minx to stop cursing, arm wrestle, get into an impromptu quiz on the EU geography, and things really go off the rails when Minx learns Trevor is a troll on Steam Golf.

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Trevor Evarts, one of the youngest members of the Mythical Crew (Good Mythical Morning, Mythical Kitchen), loves to talk. A lot. Join him each week to hear what he’s talking about (and who he’s talking to), and get a glimpse into what it’s like navigating life in your early 20s. No topic is off limits, and there’s no limit to where the conversations will go.