Trevor Talks Too Much

Live at Mythicon ft. Shayne and Courtney from Smosh

Live at Mythicon ft. Shayne and Courtney from Smosh

Trevor Talks Too Much - November 8, 2022 - 35:04

Live from Mythicon! Trevor is joined by Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller from Smosh and the three talk about their weirdest "con" stories, the strange Internet rabbit holes they've found themselves in, and the age old rivalry between Trevor and Shayne comes to a suspenseful conclusion, as the three battle it out – meme style!Follow Shayne on Twitter @supershayne and Courtney @co_millGo to to sign up for a Chime Checking Account today! Thanks to Chime for supporting the show.Go to Check out to check your voting status, register if you need to, and stay informed for the midterm elections.

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Trevor Evarts, one of the youngest members of the Mythical Crew (Good Mythical Morning, Mythical Kitchen), loves to talk. A lot. Join him each week to hear what he’s talking about (and who he’s talking to), and get a glimpse into what it’s like navigating life in your early 20s. No topic is off limits, and there’s no limit to where the conversations will go.