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TEASER: Baby Steps - Ned And Ariel‘s New Podcast!

TEASER: Baby Steps - Ned And Ariel‘s New Podcast!

The TryPod - September 6, 2020 - 03:11

Ned and Ariel have a new podcast! It’s called Baby Steps, and the first episode is out right now. In this weekly podcast, Ned and Ariel reveal the dirty, messy, hilarious truths behind raising a blissfully instagram-ready family. Follow Ariel’s pregnancy journey week-by-week with a dash of not-so-expert advice, trending product reviews, and poop-in-your-big-boy-pants raw sincerity from a couple experiencing the extreme life-upheaval we call “the miracle of life” in real-time.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO BABY STEPSAppleSpotifyYoutubeFOLLOW BABY STEPS!IGTwitter

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