Ty Lue joins Woj

Ty Lue joins Woj

The Woj Pod - March 22, 2017

Cleveland Cavaliers coach Ty Lue joins Adrian Wojnarowski on The Vertical Podcast to discuss the Cavaliers championship run, coaching LeBron James, learning the craft under Doc Rivers and his close relationship with Kevin Garnett. 2:13: The Cavs’ decision-making process for resting players. 7:13: How has the coaching position changed since the start of Lue’s playing career? 9:29: The positive and negative impact of social media on players and the league. 11:08: The whirlwind experience of taking over as head coach of the Cavs midway through last season. 13:30: His relationship with Doc Rivers and the difficult decision to leave the Clippers for the Cavs in 2014. 18:53: The influence of his former coaches on his own coaching style. 22:27: Childhood goals and dreams while growing up in Mexico, Missouri. 25:14: Leaving his family as a 15 year old to move to Kansas City. 28:00: Not being afraid of confrontation after a childhood filled with adversity. 30:14: The keys to coaching LeBron James and earning his trust and respect. 33:04: Being one of the few people to be close with Kevin Garnett. 34:25: Helping talk Garnett into accepting the trade to Boston. 37:47: The differences between Boston’s Big 3 and Cleveland’s current Big 3.

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